Reward Society

(Reg No: 80/95 of 200 under Tamil Nadu Registration act 1975)

(Rehabilitation Empowerment Welfare And Resources Development Society)

Youth Skill-Placement, Recruitment-manpower,women and child development

Micro Finance activities

  • Self Help Groups movement

    REWARD Society has involved in formation of self help groups in villupuram district. The SHGs have been formed in all 22 blocks with 1000 panchayats. There are 2554 SHGs have been formed with the 45972 members in the most backward areas of the Districts. The total savings of a single SHG is around Rs. 86400. An average one SHG have got 3 times of linkages with the Bank and the financial institutions. A sum of Rupees around Rs. 3 to 5 lakhs have been obtained as Loan. The major portion of the loan has utilized for the livelihood purpose and around 20% of the amount has been utilized for the consumption purpose.

  • Skill Development Activities

    The REWARD has given Job Oriented Skill training for the Youths leading to employment in Wage employment and self employment.

    • The Skill Training program is implemented in 17 Zones covering with 31 districts.
    • There are around 6000 Youths have been identified through need assessment process in both rural and urban area. Based on the needs the training have been given with and linked with wage and self employment.
    • So far 4370 youths have been trained and leads to get livelihood opportunity.
    • The Major trades are covered Auto Mobile sector, Garments, Agriculture sector (MKSP), Construction sector, NTFP – Tribal – (Marketing), Beautician Technology, Jewel Making, Computer skills, Jute bag preparation, Toys making and Artisans.
  • Disabled Welfare Programs

    The REWARD has been selected by Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission (TNSRLM) to serve as Block Disabled Mitigation and Rehabilitation Facilitation Agency (BDMRFA) to provide service to the Disabled and Vulnerable people. The Project has been taken in Villupuram district covering Three Block with 170 panchayats. There are 1626 Disabled and 2117 Vulnerable have been identified through participatory identification of Poor methodology. Empower and mainstream the disabled abled and most vulnerable by proactively including them during social mobilization and institution building of the Project there by providing livelihood opportunities, quality of life and securing their dignity. The REWARD has been able to reach the marginalized like the Disabled and Vulnerable and bring them into the mainstream. Apart from assisting disabled SHGs, financial assistance is also arranged by the REWARD through the Panchayat Level Federations and Village Poverty Reduction Committees from the Banks and financial institutions to the disabled and vulnerable persons individually for starting livelihood activities.

    Some of the Project interventions are:  

    • Disability assessment.
    • Assisting to avail the National ID cards.
    • Assist the disabled persons to get Aids and appliances.
    • Self help groups for the differently abled.
    • Medical care and counseling.
    • Vocational skill Training.
    • Individual assistance for livelihoods.
    • Formation of Economic activity groups.
    • Arranging to get various Disabled pension schemes and Old age Pension.
    • Insurance Scheme.



    Area of Operation

    The MKSP project has been implementing in Koliyanur and Tiruvennainallur blocks of Villupuram District. The core activity of the project is to educating and assisting the women farmer and formation / strengthening their own institutions on sustainable agriculture and allied activities

    Proposed Area of Action

    • 20 Villages Koliyanur & Tiruvennainallur blocks in Villupuram district
    • Each Block covered 1900 Women Farmers
    • 56 Producer Groups are formed
    • 28 Producer groups in T.V.Nallur and 28 Producer groups in Koliyanur
    • 40 Agri CRPs are involved to conduct Training to 3800 Mahila kissan

    Present livelihood of the Mahila Kissan and net income per annum.

    • Agriculture is not being considered as an economic activity and is based on Subsistence cropping system with focus on food crops.
    • Most of the target families have no regular wage employment; they depend on Seasonal daily wage employment.
    • Majority of them entrapped in the visual circle of debt trap.
    • In the absence of alternative employment opportunity migration takes place.
    • Low income levels prohibit them from sending their children for higher education. All the above factors lead to lower food security.
    • Presently women are involved to earn meager income for their subsistence.
    • This whole process is full of hardships and resultant drudgery.
    • For a substantial number of the small and marginal farmers, income from the crop Productivity would approximately around Rs. 8000 per annum.

    Proposed interventions

    • Crop diversification and intensification of paddy, minor millets, and diversification into pulses and commercial vegetable farming
    • Upgrading the present agronomical practices
    • Protective irrigation from harvested rainwater / existing structures
    • Enhanced production of cereals
    • Multi-cropping
    • Adaptation of package of practices
    • Marketing arrangements
    • Production of vermin compost using farm/household waste and cow dung
    • Scientific rearing of Sheep, Goat, back yard poultry

    Best practices identified and how to disseminate for adoption by the Mahila Kisan

    • Agriculture technologies/ practices have been introduced and adopted by farmers in the last few years by the PIA.
    • principles of intensive inter personal communication with the target group is built in the project
    • Participatory Survey, PRA, Meeting, cross village and intra project Field visits will be used
    • The PIA. (Reward society) will arrange to hold annual Farmers Day and Workshops at appropriate level with achievements made by the project in Local Language for information dissemination.

    Proposed strategies

    • Orientation of the MKSP to the farming community will be conducted in all the 20 villages )
    • Selection of CRP and PP and project staff for the project implementation
    • Conducting base line survey
    • Mapping exercise for resource identification
    • Identifying suitable Mahila Kissan
    • Formation of Mahila kissan producer Groups and Mahila Kissan producer collectives
    • Institutional Building
    • Capacity Building ( Training and Exposure visits to leaders and PRIs, CRP/PP and the community)
    • Demonstration plots-implementation
    • Adoption of best practices in the Mahila Kissan Field
    • Producer Groups Formation and producers’ Federation Formation
    • Monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the activities
    • Planning for the next season based on the best practices learned
    • End line Survey


The REWARD Society has been selected as out sourcing the Man power agency for implementation of SBM in Urban area. The project is implemented in urban area covering the great Chennai Corporation, 12 Town panchayats, PIU of Vellore, Chengalpat, Madurai, Tirichi and Tirunalveli Regions. The REWARD to supplement and complement the efforts of the SBM with additional specialist manpower to complete the task required at hand.

The details of staff members given so far:

  • For the Greater Chennai Corporation :
    • 1 Team Leader
    • 1 IEC Expert
    • 1 M&E Expert
    • 1 Data Entry Operator
    • 1 Office Assistant
  • For Director of Town Panchayat:
    • 1 Team Leader
    • 1 IEC Expert
    • 1 M&E Expert
    • 1 Data Entry Operator
    • 1 Office Assistant
  • For 5 PIU Regions :
    • 5 Team Leader
    • 5 IEC Expert
    • 5 M&E Expert
    • 5 Data Entry Operator
    • 5 Office Assistant
  • For the Greater Chennai Corporation :
    • 15 Supervisors
    • 200 Animators
  • For 12 Town Panchayats zones consist with 23:
    • 852 Animators
  • For RDMA Chengalpatt :
    • 28Supervisors
    • 144 Animators
  • For RDMA Vellore :
    • 25 Supervisors
    • 136 Animators

Present Activities:

  • Assignment Name: Swatch Bharat Mission (SBM) – PIU, Director of Town Panchayat in all Zones, The Greater Chennai Corporation, Vellore, Chengalpat, Tirunelveli, Madurai and Thanjavur Zones.
  • Assignment Name: Beautician Training given Transgender – 25 Members under Social Welfare Department.
  • Assignment Name: Emcardment Training given to 140 Women Members under Tamil Nadu Skill Development Corporation (TNSDC).The training are: Beautician, Tailoring, Saree Designing and Soft Toys.
  • Assignment Name: Crèche Programme, under Central Social Welfare Board (CSWB).
  • Assignment Name: Mahila Kisan Sashaktikran Pari Yojana (MKSP) under the Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihood Mission.

Present Projects under Pipeline:

  • Start up Village Entrepreneurship project
  • Soci0-Economic Development and Health care under CSR fund of TNPL
  • IEC on SBM and Dengue with the Commissioner of Town panchayats.