Reward Society

(Reg No: 80/95 of 200 under Tamil Nadu Registration act 1975)

(Rehabilitation Empowerment Welfare And Resources Development Society)

Youth Skill-Placement, Recruitment-manpower,women and child development

Human Resources Policy

The REWARD Society has a structured Policy for the Human Resource Management. The Human resource Policy has been developed as manual and the Governance body of the Society has given approval. The following are the core area of the Policy:

  • Recruitment Process
  • Vacancy identification
  • Preparation of job description
  • Internal & External Recruitment
  • Application period
  • Interviews
  • Disability Accommodation
  • Contract Rules
  • Employment Records
  • Payment policies and procedures
  • Change to another position
  • Employee Welfare
  • Medical care
  • Engagement of Consultants
  • Staff development policy
  • Leave Policy
  • Disciplinary procedures & Conduct rules.

The REWARD Society has adopting a conducive and a structured staff welfare policies and maintaining transference in all area.